Clarify your message. 

This is the honey the Lord has drawn from the rock. 



Establish & strengthen your voice. 

Your voice is the fingerprint of your message. Be bold!



Launch a podcast.

That will grow & serve from your ministry and your business.


What is the value of the Honey Tribe?

Podcasting can be very overwhelming. There is tech you need to figure out, the process, the style the theme, the message, and don't forget your voice. gulp. And what about your logo??

But it doesn't have to be daunting and you don't have to figure it out alone. That's the value of a podcasting mentor who will coach you through the process, so you don't get stuck down some research rabbit hole for the next few months. Yikes!

There are many mixed messages out there when it comes to podcasting and there are many different opinions. 

Yes, there are female podcasters, but not many faith filled sisters who are teaching it. There is no problem with learning from a brother, but sometimes they speak a different language and go too fast. We process at different levels. 

Are you seeing how valuable a community of like-minded sisters who are coming together as support, where you can get professional guidance, encouragement and feedback?

You can check out one of my podcasts here

What you need and will get:

You will need a podcasting mentor who has been there and is ready to guide you step by step in a much more simplified process than she went through. ;)

You need a sounding board for feedback, prayer and clarity. 

You need a plan, a blueprint of how to bring your Honey Tribe MVP together. In the tribe the MVP is your unique message, voice and platform, and we ALL have an MVP. 

There Are MANY WAYS to monetize and you will learn from your coach and mentor, and from pro guests who will come and share how you better monetize your podcast and through your podcast, your business and ministry needs. 

In the Honey Tribe you will get all this and then some!

Why? Because your MVP matters, but also because of an even greater reason. 

Read on to find out!

We are the Honey Tribe! Welcome.

 Arise daughters, and let us leave the wilderness leaning on none but our Beloved. 

The Lord is calling forth His Deborah's, Jael's, Esther's, Abigails & Rahab's. 

The daughters whose lips drip with honey from the rock. As Psalm 81:16 says. The Lord brings forth honey from the rock that satisfies. The honey is our testimonies, our messages and voices. 

Our podcasts will be our platform from which we release the honey He produced from the rock.

WE have been called to taste and see, and now we are called to enter the land of the Lord's promises to us. 

We are the Honey Tribe. A sisterhood of the King's daughter's called to rise up TOGETHER in this day and age for His purpose. 

Now, may we go forth and take the land He has promised us. 

May we go forth as the repairer's of the breach, the restorer's of streets to dwell in. 

Join The Honey Tribe:

$97 monthly subscription

What is included in your monthly membership? 

(In person access membership in DFW)

  • One group mentoring call a month
  • A private community and app access (Not social media)¬†
  • Marco Polo access with your mentor
  • Group faithstorm sessions to get feedback on your podcast blueprint, from logo, to message, to your unique podcast process
  • *Limited virtual pro guest pop up sessions with masterclasses and pop up sessions.¬†


I'm Ready!

Join the Honey Tribe Accelerated:

$197 monthly subscription

(In person access to DFW membership events) 
Connect with me to learn more about this)

What is included in your monthly membership? 

  • TWO¬†group mentoring call a month
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS+ The Kingdom Wealth SPPA Business Coaching membership¬†¬†($197 monthly value) Will not be included after 8 more seats are filled.¬†
  • *FULL access to our virtual pro guest pop up sessions with masterclasses and pop up sessions.¬†
I'm Ready!