Reign In Joy

This is NOT just another membership site filled with videos that will overwhelm you and leave you with many loose ends. This is about relationships in the body of Christ. A place to connect, build, step into your God called purpose and lead from the heart of the Father.

If You're Ready to Prosper


Begin here.Our workshops are interactive. Live and virtual.

Build, launch and multiply in your God called gifts. These are not come and listen type events, but will challenge you to learn & prosper as your soul prospers.



I Need Clarity In My Vision


Our retreats are interactive in group and 1:1 challenges and activations. 

At our one-day or multi-day retreats you  will create a purpose blueprint. Then you will leave with a plan, an accountability partner and a vision to run with. Habakkuk 2 style.



I Need A Blueprint


This is a one year discipleship & business launch accelerator.

 At the end of the year you be positioned as a Kingdom Leader with a platform and business that will bring restoration, healing and prosperity to others in the body of Christ. 



I'm Ready To Prosper

Benefits of the Workshops:

The workshops are comprised of teachings, interactive coaching, and targeted results in healing, equipping, launching and prospering from the heart of our Father God.

 These are live in-person events and will progressively launch in cities near you. 

 If you want to know if our Leadership & Business Accelerator, 12fold54, is a good fit for you, this is where you can get info and access to the limited seats.

Virtual workshops are available if you are unable to attend the live events.

I'm Ready To Invest In My Value

Benefits Of Retreats:

 Our one-day and multi-day retreats are intensive, interactive, and filled with beauty, rest, and results. 

 We will help you find clarity, create a blueprint, and build a solid foundation for your vision, all while fellowshipping, discovering joy, and working from rest. 

 *Depending on your package level the retreats include: 

*Pro photo shoots/business and marketing headshots

*Private Chef

*Work from rest events

*Resting and Healing sessions

*Creating a customized blueprint

*Fun events to build incredible fellowship, accountability, and partnership connections

*12Fold54 Seat Access

I'm Ready To Invest In Working From Rest


Benefits Of 12Fold54 Accelerator: 

 If you desire the financial freedom to homeschool, the legacy to pass on to the next generation, or the fulfillment of your purpose, you need support, partnership, collaboration, discipleship, mentorship, and a system that works. 

This is not just a community where you join and never hear from the leadership again. This is not a place where you are left to your own efforts and come and go as you please. 

 This IS a place where you will be encouraged, built up, instructed, discipled, and held accountable to show up and do the work. There are lessons, live interactions, challenges, teachings, partner connections, and ongoing support. 

The goal is not to sell a program, but to get you positioned to lead and succeed. 

12fold54 is a Kingdom Driven Leadership Program that is built in the format of business so that we can restore Kingdom Leaders in the Marketplace. 12Fold54 will walk you through a Kingdom Process to create a repeatable business model that allows each leader to walk in their purpose and prosper while serving from the Father's heart. 

I'm Ready To Invest At The Value Of My Worth

This Is Your Call To Reign In Joy!

Don't miss what the Lord has called you to steward. Whenever the Lord calls us to something, He calls us to do it with joy and as a body in one agreement. It's time to help each other and grow each other into success so the Kingdom of God can come through us, to the earth.


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