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 ***After seats are gone, there is a waiting list for up to 3-6 months before any seats might open up. 


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First Seat Application Offer for 40 sisters who desire to become the founding members of a blessed and prosperous mastermind.


 This is your invitation to secure a seat at the Table of a Kingdom Centered Sisterhood of Like-minded, faith-filled daughters of the King.

 The Mastermind welcome meeting launches on March 20th, 2021 6 pm EST

 Then the second meeting begins on Thursday, March 27th, 2021 6 pm EST

  At this time we are only filling 40 seats to establish our core mastermind group.

This will be a closed group for the next six months.

  Then in September 2021, we will open up for 12 new seats. Once you give up a seat, you cannot regain access to a seat for at least six months. 

  What your seat will establish:

  • A place at a Kingdom Table to get your dreams and visions seen, heard, and poured into by other Kingdom business family. Another's strength is the bridge to your weakness, just as your strength is a bridge to another's weakness.
  • H.E.L.P Healing, Equipping, Launching, Prospering (Organized each month between two meetings)
  • A monthly schedule emailed to you, alerting you to our ***Pro guest speaker updates and new monthly topics (*Pro Guest access is a bonus to the first 40 founding members @Tier One for the first 3 months. Otherwise, only accessible @Tier Two.)
  • Access to our Mastermind Members Site! This is unique to our Mastermind and will help you gain access to each other so you can build and grow together
  • Access to Podcast interviews, Interactive QnA's with our Pro guests.
  • Private FB Community/Lives, Guest interviews
  • Our Live meetings twice a month will meet via a Zoom link that will be sent to you after listening to the welcome video on our Members Site
  • On-Demand Kingdom MVP Mastery courses (Coming soon) Founding Member Access (normally a separate membership charge)
  • Live Sessions are recorded and posted on our membership site
  • Sisterhood and mentorship connections and support
  • Surprise bonuses will be added throughout


 Overview of who we are:

 We are a sisterhood of Like-minded daughters who move in obedience and faith, to heal, equip, lead and prosper each other's Kingdom callings.

  There will eventually be 55 seats filled in this mastermind and then we will be sealed until each sister launches her kingdom calling to prosper successfully.

  We are starting with 40 to create a strong foundation of sisters who can stand in the seats of mentorship and wisdom for the next seats that will open, 6 months later. Once the goal of each Mastermind Tier is achieved, those who accomplished their goals will move on to the next Tier and the accompanying goals.



 At Reign in Joy, we have come to the humble understanding that a Kingdom is not built alone.

That if one desires to reign, and not only to reign but to reign in joy, one must call on the Kingdom itself, to walk as one body, in unity and fellowship, supporting one another and building each other up

 We are called, by the Lord God, to walk in the identity of being His royal Priesthood.

We are called to Reign in Joy.

 To do so, we must establish a foundational sisterhood of Like-minded daughters who move in obedience and faith, to heal, mentor, equip, and launch the Kingdom's callings of each other.

We not only do not have to do this alone, but we are called to walk as one body, in Spirit and truth. Ephesians 4:1-6

 We are the body, and together we support, uplift, build up, and above all, love each other so that we all may Reign In Joy. John 15:9-17



  • Together we will establish our purpose, rest in the Lord, and repair the breach. This is a sanctuary for the daughters of the King who have been building and answering their Kingdom Callings but are tired of trying to do the parts they don't understand, alone. Within this mastermind, we will connect with each other and repair the breach, the place you are unsure how to stand in, but another is fully capable of standing in that gap for you.
  • The goal is for each sister to succeed at her calling and for each daughter to share her gifting and skills to strengthen the next so that we can all rise, as one body, in Christ and fulfill the mission of shining our lights by example. 


Why YOU are being asked to apply:

  • I've been praying over you, that the Lord will provide the ones He's calling into this Mastermind and I believe you will know as you read this, that you are being called to partake of this Kingdom venture
  • Your vision and work ethics are aligned with who we are in Christ
  • Your gifts are more than just powerful for you and your calling, they are powerful for the body

    We are the wrong fit for you if:

  • You like to work alone and don't need a personal brainstorming team, support system, or prayer warriors sisters to stand with you and help you breathe life into your visions
  • You are great at multi-tasking and actually accomplishing all you multi-task
  • You JUST want to get rich and be popular and or famous and that is your ultimate goal
  • You don't need others to pour into you, in fact, you have enough training to get it done alone 

We are the right fit for you if:

  • Your first priority is to bring glory and honor to the Lord
  • You seek a sisterhood of Like-minded Kingdom Entrepreneurs
  • You are humble enough to admit you need help
  • You desire, support and prayer
  • You understand the value of not only a team but a sisterhood
  • You have areas of struggle you need the strengths of others to fill
  • You are a hard worker and understand that it takes more than vision to prosper
  • You are ready to invest in what you've been called to steward
  • You believe in the power of accountability and mentorship
  • You are willing to listen and learn and then pray and apply


How you can best grow and build with us:

  • By showing up to every meeting
  • By understanding the power of investing in your calling
  • By pouring into others (This reaps harvest)
  • Understanding the power of unity and fellowship
  • Being prepared to receive and be blessed
  • Being ready to prosper


  How Reign In Joy Came into Being:

  • I am doing this in obedience to the call the Lord put on my life to Reign in Joy and when I realized that I could not do it without unity I began to cultivate a community
  • I've also learned that what I have to offer is valuable, that I am worthy, and that I have seen many sisters who have powerful gifts who do not yet fully realize the power of their gifts or that they need each other to succeed
  • This will be a community of sisters who will not only support each other but actually cause each other to prosper because of the love they have for each other, in Christ
  • There is an even bigger picture, to be revealed and I want you onboard to be the founding sisterhood that is in place for what the Lord is about to do


         If I choose to apply, what's next?:

  • First, we will overview your application and make sure you sincerely desire this commitment, and then, if you meet the qualifications, you will receive a welcome email that will contain a link to our Private Mastermind Meetup
  • Then you will receive an invitation to complete your Kingdom Dossier/Bio. You may also be invited to share in our membership group, podcast, or other platforms as you grow in Kingdom Favor.
  • This Mastermind is not only a commitment to replace old ways and habits but to grow into a new way, a Kingdom Way, with vision and purpose, as you begin to understand your worth and value and step from the fields of curse into the fields of Kingdom favor.
  • Every month you will receive an updated schedule for the next month.
  • You will also receive some really great ideas on how to create the time and best atmosphere, to be prepared for our sessions


          So, what kind of commitment am I looking at?:

  • This is a commitment to not only succeed with purpose but to help others succeed so that we all continuously pour into each other 
  • Each month will contain 2 meetings, 2.5 hours each.
  • There will be Vision Seats, where you will receive 1:1 help from a coach or guest experts
  • Guest experts with live QnA's
  • Classes for *H.E.L.P 
  • Workshops and courses for equipping/ Live and recorded
  • Group Faithstorm sessions to work and serve each other to better grow together.
  • Access to Private FB group
  • Access to our Mastermind Membership group (*only first 40 founding members of Tier One will have access to include Pro Guest 3 month access)
  • Limited training and seats for mentorship in Reign In Joy's next Incubator/Accelerator programs


       Why 40 limited seats?:

  • In the Bible, the number 40 represents a time of testing and training ;)
  • We are about to go on an adventure together in growth, testing, and training!


       Why is it $297 $97 a month?

  • There is a lot of commitment, time, and financial investment in creating, hosting, and launching this group and content, and this covers much of it and helps me prosper as well and invest back into the Kingdom
  • This is also a foundation price/ The price will go up for each new opening
  • $97 a month split between 2- 2.5-hour meetings is less than $25 a session, which is much less than the cost of 1:1 coaching. 
  • My fee for 1:1 coaching starts at $197 an hour.
  • You'll be getting 5 hours a month for $297/ $97!!


       Is there a refund policy?:

  • There is no refund, as this is about understanding the investment of time you are committing to for growth and honoring the investment of time others are also making.

This is our 2 step offer:

  • The first step: 4 sessions are FREE! (Why? Because we want you to see and experience the value before you pay and this is the best way to do so!)
  • The second step: After the first four sessions, your membership fee will be $97 a month
  • You will maintain this Tier One Mastermind level until you decide to give up your seat which will be quickly filled by another on the waiting list, or when you have reached your goals of launching and monetizing your Kingdom Business and are ready to move on to Tier Two of the Mastermind which is the next level



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