Welcome to my vision! 

 I'm on a journey to live out my purpose according to the Lord's will for me, and in so doing, I want to help you do the same! At Reign in Joy, we desire to help you find clarity, direction, and success in all that you've been called to steward. 

Hello, fellow purpose seekers! I'm Heather Sudbrock and I want to help you birth your vision to success. 

 This is where I got stuck when I started because I realized that as believers in Christ, our path is different from the world's. We only prosper when our souls prosper, and so we need to go through the healing process that prepares us to walk in the abundant Kingdom life. And that is what Reign In Joy is all about. 


 At Reign in Joy, we have come to the humble understanding that a Kingdom is not built alone.

That if one desires to reign, and not only to reign but to reign in joy, one must call on the Kingdom itself, to walk as one body, in unity and fellowship, supporting one another and building each other up

 We are called, by the Lord God, to walk in the identity of being His royal Priesthood.

We are called to Reign in Joy.

 To do so, we must establish a foundational sisterhood of Like-minded daughters who move in obedience and faith, to heal, mentor, equip, and launch the Kingdom callings of each other.

We not only do not have to do this alone, but we are called to walk as one body, in Spirit and truth. Ephesians 4:1-6

 We are the body, and together we support, uplift, build up, and above all, love each other so that we all may Reign In Joy. John 15:9-17



  • Together we will establish our purpose, rest in the Lord, and repair the breach. This is a sanctuary for the daughters of the King who have been building and answering their Kingdom Callings but are tired of trying to do the parts they don't understand, alone. Within this mastermind, we will connect with each other and repair the breach, the place you are unsure how to stand in but another is fully equipped, capable to stand in that gap for you.
  • The goal is for each sister to succeed at her calling and for each daughter to share her giftings and skills to strengthen the next so that we can all rise, as one body, in Christ and fulfill the mission of shining our lights by example. 

 Your sister in Christ, Heather Sudbrock