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We have 3 week and 6 week intensives. These are so that we can work on some serious breakthrough. Whether 3 or 6 weeks, we will serve you well.


By investing in our intensives, you can expect to gain a greater understanding of your child’s spiritual needs and how to best meet them. You will learn spiritual warfare strategies, learn effective communication, how to set boundaries and expectations, and how to create a Biblical and Kingdom focused environment for your child(ren) and family. You will receive support in your personal walk, to get equipped as a spiritual leader in your home, so that you can well equip your spirit warriors. In all, you will gain a greater understanding of how to best recognize and overcome the spiritual battles raging against your family.

Kingdom Business Legacy

If you have a vision for a business you desire to build to work from home and even teach and run as a family, this is a great program. If your vision is blurry, don't worry, we can serve you well in this as well! 

Your coach will help you get clarity, direction and support in building and launching your business. Depending on your experience, you may want to get on a call and see what best fits you!


Whether you already homeschool and are looking for support, clarity, strategy or encouragement, or if you have not yet homeschooled and are not sure about it, we are here to support, encourage and serve you.

We can also create custom programs JUST FOR YOU. :)

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 This is a separate coaching program, and is focused on your homeschooling goals!

Reason's To Consider Hiring A Homeschool Coach:

1. If you are considering homeschooling 

2. If you are not sure if you're qualified to homeschool 

3. If you want help in designing your unique homeschooling style, schedules and habits with a foundation of spiritual warfare strategies 

4. Get help connecting to resources and get connected to a community with other Kingdom homeschoolers

5. Have your own support coach for step by step mentorship in your unique journey and spiritual warfare strategies

6. A homeschool coach will help you and your children stay motivated and focused on study styles that are effective.

  Everything is customized to your unique family dynamics. 

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Reign In Joy Business Legacy Mastermind+


One of the most powerful offers we have is our Reign In Joy Business Legacy Mastermind+

This is where you get to work together in a well cultivated atmosphere with others who have gone before you and are waiting to pour into you, as we understand that we are ONE body.

If you have been looking into building a home business and income that can help your family get more free time together, then this is the community you want to invest in!

Just as in our community coaching you get access to:

Small focus groups where you can meet and discuss specific topics with other business minded parents and leaders.

We have the monthly live Business Legacy Mastermind+group coaching and then we also will have weekly regular trainings and pop-up trainings from other leaders who have hearts to well serve your family. 

Get access to the Mastermind+ by giving us a call/ it's limited in its seating because we will be serving you intensely and working through getting you built, launched and prospering. 

 If you still aren't sure, a strategy call will help you clarify where to start!

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I'm Heather Sudbrock, and I'm here to serve, support and strategize with you.


Hey there Kingdom family!

I'm so excited that you are here. 

The Lord has placed a fire in my bones for you and your family, to serve, to pray and support your family as you choose this day, to separate yourselves from the world system and step into the Kingdom systems.

 Just because you're a parent doesn't mean you have to automatically have it all figured out. 

I believe that in supporting you as you raise strong spirit warriors for the Kingdom of God that I am standing in the gap and obeying what the Lord has called me to do.

I'm not here to teach you to parent, but to instruct & parent you from the heart of the Father, so that you can parent your children from the heart of the Father. 

I grew up as the oldest in a large family of eight and graduated from homeschooling. This is where my passion for family began.

 Progressively, I've seen the enemy come in like a flood and attack families, this is where the fire entered my bones, as I believe we are the standard the Lord is raising against the onslaught. 

If you're looking for a spiritual warfare coach then let's work together and strategize against the enemy, together. 

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Don't Parent Alone!

What topic do you need breakthrough and support in? Spiritual warfare parenting? Homeschooling? Building your families Business Legacy?

Find the right package for you:


$497 Pkg.


  • 3 1:1 Calls per wk. (*60m)¬†
  • Incl.¬†access to our ($97 monthly)¬†community coaching during 3¬†weeks
  • MP *app accountability support *Thur.
  • Access to your¬†session replays
  • Focused results


$697 Pkg.


  • 6 1:1 Calls per wk. (*60m)
  • incl. access to our ($97 monthly)¬†community coaching during 6¬†weeks
  • MP *app accountability support *Thur.
  • Access to your¬†session replays
  • Focused results¬†

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